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Sydney Major Motorway Spray Seal Service

Location: Motorway, Sydney.

Over 150,000 cars and trucks use this Sydney motorway daily.

Due to an incident involving a soil spill that damaged the road surface, NA Group was contacted by the client via the 24/7 emergency response service line. NA Group attended the site, scoped the required work, and designed an emergency response plan involving clean up, profiling and a spray seal service. The emergency works were time critical due to the high traffic nature of the M4 and all work had to be completed at night for minimal road disruption.

The NA Group crew promptly cleaned the site and delivered profiling to the damaged road surface. Next, a spray seal service was completed, delivering approximately 20,000 m2 of 10 mm SAMI (stress alleviating membrane interlayer) that eases mechanical strains that occur in a road pavement. The bitumen that was applied during the spray seal contained over 6,000 kg of recycled waste rubber (over 500 old car tyres) as our S45R contains 15% crumb rubber.

The spray seal was applied underneath the asphalt that the client laid, to provide waterproofing that protects the integrity of the underlying road structure. The completed project was handed over to the client within 3 nights, ready to be open to the public.

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