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Emergency Response

NA Group provide a 24/7 Emergency Response Service for road related incidents.

The NA Group depot is in a central location to allow a rapid response to emergency incidents throughout Sydney. Our service extends from setting up signage and managing traffic flow, to collaborating with emergency services and other key stakeholders. By responding promptly to clear and repair incidents, our team reduces traffic congestion and minimises disruption to road users with an aim to reopen lanes as quickly as possible.

The emergency response services we offer include pavement repairs, clean-up of fuel spills and other materials, road restorations from burst water pipes / stormwater services, overflowing drains from flooding and collection of dumped materials.

We provide safe and timely management of incidents, including setting up signage and managing traffic flow around a scene, for both clients and emergency services. We achieve this by collaborating with emergency services and other key stakeholders to facilitate effective management of road users, the road network and infrastructure.

By responding quickly, we reduces traffic congestion and the risk of follow up incidents.

Our Emergency Response number is 1300 276 928

Types of Incident Response Services include:

  • Pavement repairs
  • Clean-up of fuel spills or other materials
  • Road restorations from burst water / stormwater services
  • Dumped materials
  • Natural disasters

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Emergency Response Projects